Discover What FREEDOM Feels Like!
Create your own schedule & work from anywhere

Imagine what true Internet freedom looks like...

​​...Not having to commute to a 9-5.  

...Scheduling your work around appointments. 

...Never missing another important moment for your kids.

...Being a stay-at-home parent with a "working parent" pay.

...No boss to deny your vacation requests. 

...Finally having the financial means to go on vacations without worry

and all these while learning marketing strategies that ONLY internet millionaires do online. 

and YES, you will get this present too :)

This is all not only possible, it's HAPPENING for Product List Genie members.

Does this sound like the life you are craving?
Good. Because you DESERVE freedom.​​

You have a dream of becoming a successful Internet Marketer Genie.

I'm here to tell you that it's totally doable!  

But maybe you're craving guidance through the process.... 
That's EXACTLY where Product List Genie comes in. 
To walk you through the entire process to becoming an
Internet Marketing Genie and finding your OWN freedom.
How Will Product List Genie
Help Me Achieve Freedom?
  •   Live Daily Q&A Calls – Because sometimes you want to hear a voice to know you are on the right track (or not). 
  •   Video Trainings – Because for some, visual learning is the next best thing to hands on.
  •   Daily Products –  I will give you whats selling every day.. These products have got you covered!
  •   Constant Support – Everyone needs a cheerleader 24/7.
  •   Private Community – You could do this alone, but you never, EVER have to.  
  •   My Exact Blueprint - I will give you 100 products each month with videos and ads and the exact targeting that will help you generate sales online.  "just follow my blueprint and you will be OK"  :)
"Magic month so far half way through the month and hit 50,000 USD push push push!. Follow everything Product List Genie teaches you without deviating, it is the plan to success!"

- Ant Jay
I'm Coach Giani

Full-time Ecommerce Millionaire and Influencer.

 Back in 2014, I began this journey while working in my 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-9) day job, and quickly replaced my income.... And I built a business online
 that I loved working with.

Today I am empowering Ecommerce Marketers to do the same. Everyone deserves the freedom that I have found and enjoy each day...

I founded Product List Genie to give you the EXACT strategies I used to create freedom in my life.

Let's make this happen for YOU

HERE is a picture with Grant Cardone at
one of My Shows Online. 
"First 3 Weeks Using Product List Genie and My First 3k per day! Thank you Coach Giani! I share this not to brag but to inspire others in this community! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!" 
- Saul Bretto, Entrepreneur
Skip the guesswork with no fluff trainings.
When I got started as an Internet Marketer, I was juggling a 9-5 and family life... Like you, I didn't have time to invest hours and hours into fluff-filled trainings

I wanted actionable steps and I needed results - fast!
This is what inspired me to create Product List Genie
training format.

From the moment you dive in to the video trainings, the information is ACTIONABLE, with worksheets, templates, and guides to help you get results FAST.
Start receiving the guidance you've been looking for
"Boom 🔥 1st 1K month after joining PLG! I had to admit it have not been easy. I have failed with 5 other drop-shipping stores before, and now finally I found one honest coach Giani who showed me the way... Thank you for providing us with such an amazing platform!" 
- Max Jenson
Product List Genie FAQ
How is billing handled? To make things easy, your monthly payment will automatically process - no need to remember to pay the bill each month!
Is there a minimum amount of time I am required to join for? Absolutely not - you are free to join and stay for 1 month, or stay for months on end as you grow your business and clientele
Is it easy to use? Product List Genie is intuitive and easy to use, we've made it simple and direct to the point so you can save time and continue growing your business.
Can I start making sales during my scholarship? Absolutely! Although this depends on you 100%, there's members that have made results within a few days of joining Product List Genie. We guarantee that inside you will find everything you need to start generating results. Your commitment to your business will be reflected on your results.
The training content - is it released over time? All of the training's and content that are in Product List Genie can be immediately accessed - with new training's regularly being added!
Who is this membership right for? This membership was designed and caters to everyone who wants to make a full time living online - there are a few business owners in there who also love the actionable content for their businesses.
Have the students in Product List Genie seen results?  Many of the students have already seen massive results from PLG - with daily sales orders going out and confidence growing each day.
What's the difference between Product List Genie and other similar services?  Product List Genie is a one of a kind platform with state of the art technology. It was developed to get rid of the most tedious tasks that ecommerce and Drop-Shipper entrepreneurs face. Besides being a great platform, Product List Genie is slowly becoming the operating system of ecommerce. You won't believe the amount of value, training, and support that is delivered to you daily. We really care about your success.
Here's What Product List Genie Members Are Saying
Ready to kick it into high gear
as a Product List Genie Ninja?!
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